Thank you for your interest in our BLO Vintage BRAND AMBASSADOR program.

BLO Vintage was established in 2014, inspired by our Founder's experience of carrying a whistle given to her by her mother as she started college. The whistle was originally given to her mother in 1960 when she went to college, symbolizing love, safety, and the bond between mother and daughter.

Our handcrafted necklaces incorporate various types of whistles, creating unique pieces of jewelry that offer both protection and a personal story. BLO Vintage runs campaigns throughout the year to raise awareness for Campus Safety, advocating for everyone to carry a whistle for their safety.

As a BLO Vintage BRAND AMBASSADOR, you will receive free jewelry and your main task will be to wear your BLO Vintage jewelry on and off campus or at your workplace, and share our story to encourage others to also wear BLO Vintage.

If you are interested, please contact us at