REVIVAL - Festival Safety

Going to a music festival can be an amazing experience.
With plenty of events lined up throughout the US this Spring and summer, you may have tickets to a couple of music festivals yourself (if you are one of the lucky ones!). While it’s tempting to let loose during these events, it’s even more important to stay safe. Before you head out to your one day or weekend-long event, check out the following music festival safety tips:

Plan your commute – Whether you’re hitching a lift with friends, taking the bus, or driving yourself, always plan your route well in advance so that you know exactly what to do and where to go. When you arrive at the campsite, try to find a well-lit plot to park.

Learn your way around – When you first get to the festival, check out what’s there (e.g. medical tent, water fountains, spots for shade). Take a map and study it well so that you know where the emergency services are, should you need one.

Stay hydrated – Partying and watching your favorite bands play under the blazing sun can quickly dehydrate you. To prevent this, drink plenty of water, especially if you’re sipping on alcoholic beverages.
Watch your drinks – Never leave your drink unattended and don’t share or accept drinks from people you don’t know and trust. Better still, buy and pour your own drinks.

Take a kit – Always have the essentials on hand: bandages, sunscreen, antiseptic, water and any medications you require.

Take a break – Heatstroke can easily happen, especially under the hot summer sun. Cool down by drinking lots of water and chilling out in a tent or a shaded area.

Leave valuables at home – Avoid lugging around your camera, expensive watch, fine jewelry, and pricey possessions. They are likely to get lost, or worse, stolen. If you do need to take anything valuable, make use of the locker facilities.

Stay in numbers – There is always safety in numbers. Walk with at least one friend, especially at night. Both a whistle and a flashlight are recommended.


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