You're not alone

"I am known as Momma to my 3 daughters, Taylor, Elena, and Ashleigh. Ashleigh is 10 years old and has CF. We were in Kaleidoscope Gifts yesterday, in Knoxville, and the owner said we just missed you. I would have loved to talk to you and thank you for your support. Your jewelry is amazing and I cannot wait to spread the word. Ashleigh came in the store with me and she fell in love with your pieces, particularly one, and she added it to her birthday wish list. Very rarely do I come across people that know about CF, let alone do great things for the cause, but when I do I am relieved that Ash and other CFers are getting the awareness they deserve. It is a very lonely disease for the whole family. Not only am I looking forward to getting my first piece from your collection, I am also looking forward to my first compliment on my necklace from your collection and explaining the story behind it. Thank you for your support."

Christie Gideon, CF Mom